Green Resort (Borša)

Green Resort (Borša)

Architect Martin Munka, in cooperation with David Záleský,designed the course so that it is clear with readable and visible obstacles. The aim of the design was to play golf on every level.

The 18-hole championship course opened in August 2014.

Most of thecourse is drawn on a typical south-slovak plateau. The fairways are beautifully shaped into interesting shapes interrupted by bunkers or water levels. The last appearance of both the fairways and the greens was given by the internationally renowned shaper, Chris Horn.

Grace and charm adds to the location with flooded woods, with a patulous predominantly deciduoust rees in the middle, which is fully or partially integrated with eight holes. The same applies to water.

The lake touches up to half of the eighteen holes, leaving no island green on the 16th. Perfect track design contrasts the rich number of bunkers with white sand. Some of them are spectacularly drawn to the ponds and create a picture of the beach.

Interestingly, the built waste bunker/large sandy areas on holes 3, 4, 15 and 17 have the impression of North American deserts.

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